Boston Guitar Immersion

Boston Guitar Immersion (BGI) works with schools to provide guitar and music instruction built upon classical guitar principles extending to all styles, including acoustic, folk, Spanish, and contemporary music.  As one of the most versatile and appealing instruments, the guitar is accessible to any student and experience level.  BGI enables students to develop their musical passion and share it with their community.

BGI provides individual and/or group lessons, ensemble training, masterclasses, musicianship, music history, improvisation, music theory, and technical training to all students during school, after school, or summer school sessions.  BGI connects our students to the community and builds live performance experience through outreach efforts.

The founders of BGI, Dan Acsadi and Adam Levin, hold degrees from New England Conservatory, Cornell University, and Northwestern University.  The staff is highly skilled, experienced, and committed to the advancement of each student.  BGI shares the common belief that the guitar is a fun and dynamic instrument with which to explore our diverse musical world.  We personalize programs for each school, creating a positive atmosphere and empowering students to take an active role in their musical education.

For more information, please visit the official website, download the brochure, or email Dan.

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